Cuckoo's Nest a la cartémeny


Our variables are perfect as starters but experiment, mix and create your own meal.

Bleak roe 185KR

served with red onion, chives, sour cream & Hasselbacks potatoes

Cold smoked mackerel 135/165KR

with noodle salad with Nuoc Cham dressing,  asparagus, spring onions, coriander, miso mayonnaise & cabbage crisps

Taco 135/165KR

with slow cooked pork belly, quinoa salad, papaya, coriander, ginger mayonnaise & pickled carrots

Baked celeriac 115/145 KR

with semi dried tomatoes, rocket salad, Grana Padano, tarragon emulsion & salt roasted almonds

Steak tartar 155KR

made of sirloin with served with pickled shiitaki, deep fried carrots, soy mayonnaise & roasted chicken skin

Deep fried scallops 155 KR

with carrots, bresaola, grilled asparagus, miso mayonnaise, trout roe & roasted hazelnuts


Classic favourites that you can always find on our menu.

Hamburger 185KR

served on brioche bread with cheddar cheese, creamed chanterelles, salad & french fries

Shrimp sandwich ( with bleak roe 235 KR) 199KR

Shrimps on rye bread with egg, lemon mayonnaise, lemon & red onions

Ceasar salad 169KR

grilled chicken breast, roman lettuce, classic Ceasar dressing, croutons, bacon, Gran Padano cheese

Fish n' chips 195KR

served with fennel coleslaw, grilled lemon & french fries

Quinoa rolls 185KR

served with zucchini pasta, parsley, pickled root vegetables & grilled lime aioli


Seasonal main courses

Baked cod loin 295 KR

served with orange baked cabbage, deep fried fennel, seafood boullion & celeriac compote

Char  275 KR

served with pickled cucumber, beets, trout roe, beurre blanc, potato purée & cabbage crisps 

Veal 305 KR

served with carrot puree, puy lentils, grilled leek, yellow beetroot chips, and a roasted garlic jus

Biff Rydberg  285 KR

made of sirloin served with cured egg yolk, cider fried onions & pommes Rustik



Obvious conclusions after a good meal - desserts and sweets.

Apple-& basil sorbet 105 KR

with lemon curd, iced cucumber, pickled cucumber, sweet basil oil, crushed dreams & olive oil powder

Créme brûlée 95 KR

flavoured with vanilla

Truffles 55 KR

Sea buckthorn 105 KR

Sea buckthorn créme with fudge, Jerusalem artichoke ice cream and crisps


For larger companies (more than 10 people) we recommend our group menu.

À la Carte is served every day between 5 pm - 10 pm. We also serve brunch Sat-Sun 12 pm - 15 pm, 185kr