Cuckoo's Nest a la cartémeny


Our variables are perfect as starters but experiment, mix and create your own meal.

Fish tacos 135/165 KR

Tacos with smoked cod, sea corall salad, avocado, sesame seeds, radish, spring onions & ramson aioli

Turbot 155 KR

Deep fried turbot with grilled asparagus, rapeseed emulsion, Bottarga and cress

Pork buns 135 kr/165 kr

Soft buns with slow cooked pork collar from Gråbo, pickled cucumber, sesame seeds, kimchi, soy emulsion and coriander

Tataki 155 KR

made of sirloin with mature swedish cheese créme, pickled Jerusalem artichoke, marinated zucchini, beet crisps & hazel nuts

Tofu salad 135/165 KR

with marinated tofu, black radish, zucchini, carrots & peanuts dressing (Vegan)

Spring vegetables 115 kr

Spring vegetables, baked beets, asparagus, carotts, pickled beets, pumpkin crème sea buckthorn vinaigrette & cress



Classic favourites that you can always find on our menu.

Hamburger 195 KR

Hamburger served on brioche bread with cheddar, kimchi, mayonnaise & French Fries

Shrimp sandwich ( with bleak roe 235 KR) 199 KR

Shrimps on rye bread with egg, lemon mayonnaise, lemon & red onions

Ceasar salad 169 KR

grilled chicken breast, roman lettuce, classic Ceasar dressing, croutons, bacon, Gran Gattuggia cheese

Spring rolls 185 KR

stuffed with baked tomatoes, tomato emulsion, cabbage salad, nettel pesto & sesame seeds (Vegan)

Fish 'n chips 195 KR

with grilled lemon, shrimp salad, pickled onions, mustard seeds & french




Seasonal main courses

Cod  295 KR

Pan fried cod loin with soy beans, trout roe, green pea’s purée, Sandefjord sauce

Grilled tuna 315 KR

served with kimchi, soy beans, enoki mushrooms, miso mayonnaise, black rice & hazelnut butter

Duck 295 KR

Confit baked duck leg with braised fennel, sage fried cabbage, polenta créme & Masala sauce   

Grilled rib eye 325 KR

with tomato-& bean salsa, herb butter, blackened onions & grilled salad

Ramson risotto 185 KR

with spring salad, grana Grattugiato, roasted almonds & pickled fennel



Obvious conclusions after a good meal - desserts and sweets.

Pavlova 115 KR

Raspberry meringue with lemon curd, rhubarb sorbet, vanilla-& lemon foam, poached rhubarb, pistachio & fresh berries

Créme brûlée 95 KR

flavoured with coffee

Box of chocolate 65 KR

Triology of homemade chocolate

Chocolate ganache 105 KR

Milk chocolate ganache, bisquettes, beet root jelly & elderberry sorbet



For larger parties (more than 10 people) we recommend our group menu.

À la Carte is served every day between 5 pm - 10 pm.