Cuckoo's Nest a la cartémeny


Our variables are perfect as starters but experiment, mix and create your own meal.

Bleak roe 185KR

served with red onion, chives, sour cream & Västerbotten cheese pie

Salmon sashimi 110KR

with noodle salad with Nuoc Cham asparagus, spring onions, coriander, miso mayonnaise & cabbage crisps


Cold cuts 155KR

Selection of charcuterie & cheese served with gooseberry marmalade 

Summer vegetables 115KR

with cauliflower crème, beetroot crisp, walnuts and cress

Steak tartar 155KR

made of sirloin with beetroots, deep fried capers, hazelnut mayonnaise & potato crisps



Classic favourites that you can always find on our menu.

Hamburger 185KR

served on brioche bread with cheddar cheese, cider fried onions, salad & french fries

Shrimp sandwich ( with bleak roe 235 KR) 199KR

Shrimps on rye bread with egg, lemon mayonnaise, lemon & red onions

Ceasar salad 169KR

grilled chicken breast, roman salad, classic Ceasar dressing, croutons, bacon, Gran Padano cheese

Fish n' chips 195KR

served with apple coleslaw, grilled lemon & french fries

Haloumi 185KR

Haloumi fries served with summer salad, quinoa, gremolata & chili aioli


Seasonal main courses

Baked cod loin 295KR

served with lukewarm potato salad, gremolata, green pea´s crème & Jerusalem artichoke crisps

Whole plaice  310KR

served with horseradish, capers, beets, browned butter & new potatoes

Fillet of lamb 295KR

served with pepper fried carrots, pickled onions, thyme jus & almond potato purée

Biff Rydberg  285KR

made of sirloin served with cured egg yolk, cider fried onions & pommes Rustik



Obvious conclusions after a good meal - desserts and sweets.

Strawberry ice cream 115KR

Home made strawberry ice cream, meringue, lemon curd, sponge cake & vanilla panna cotta

Créme brûlée 95KR

flavoured with vanilla

Coffe candy 55KR

Milk chocolate mousse 110KR

with brownie, raspberry curd, chocolate crunch & crushed dreams


For larger companies (more than 10 people) we recommend our group menu.

À la Carte is served every day between 5 pm - 10 pm. We also serve brunch Sat-Sun 12 pm - 15 pm, 185kr