Cuckoo's Nest a la cartémeny


Our variables are perfect as starters but experiment, mix and create your own meal.

Tacos 145 KR/165 KR

bleak roe, smetana, chives & pickled kohlrabbi

Tartar 155 KR

Steak tartar made of sirloin, mushrooms, pickled shiitake, hazelnuts, pine oil, potato crisp & soy mayonnaise 

Crab Cakes 145 KR/165 kr

Crab cakes with daikon salad of radish, sesame seeds, noodles, lobster powder, harissa créme & cress vinaigrette  

Steamed Tofu (vegan) 145 KR

Steamed tofu served in onion bullion with chervil, parsley, portabello, deep fried oyster mushrooms & roasted sesame

Pulled Pork 145 KR

Pulled pork with salad of fermented carrot, soy marinated mushrooms, bean sprouts, cabbage, corn bread & lemon aioli

Root Vegetables (vegan) 145 KR

Root vegetables, confit baked celeraic, grilled carrot, pickled kohlrabbi & red onion, beet root créme, blackened leek & roasted walnuts


Classic favourites that you can always find on our menu.

Hamburger 195 KR

pineapple salsa, pickled chili, deep fried onions, Pepper Jack cheese & French fries

Shrimp sandwich ( with bleak roe 265 KR) 225 KR

home made rye bread, shrimps, egg, lemon mayonnaise, pickled onions & lemon

Ceasar salad 175 KR

Romain salad, grilled chicken breast, bacon, classic Ceasar dressing & croutons

Moules frites 195 KR

mussels, coconut milk, lime, chili, sesame & soy aioli, roasted sesame seeds & French fries

Gnocchi (Vegan) 195 KR

Gnocchi with cashewnut pesto, prosociano cheese, spinach, suger snaps & roasted nuts




Seasonal main courses

Skrei Cod  295 KR

Skrei cod, radish, cabbage, shiitake & enokii mushrooms, sea weed butter & rice noodles in lemon bullion

Grilled Tuna 305 KR

Grilles tuna, cucumber & kohlrabbi crudité, deep fried potato roll, browned butter powder, sesame, shallot vinaigrette & coriander yoghurt

Tenderized Beef 325 KR

Tenderized beef fron Ölanda Säteri, chorizo, beans, Brussel sprouts, garlic & tarragon butter, roasted Jerusalem artichoke & demi-glace

Roaster Fillet 285 KR

Roaster fillet with braised carrots, blackened leek, Västerbotten potatoes, roasted chicken boullion & mustard seeds

Ravioli 195 KR

Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, lukewarm cabbage salas, anises pickled pumpkin, truffle & white wine foam and fiels peas créme

Celeriac Burger 205 KR

Celeraic burger with marinated celeriac, vegan cheddar, coleslaw, pickled onion, rocket salad & sweet potato fries



Obvious conclusions after a good meal - desserts and sweets.

Chocolate Créme (Vegan) 110 KR

Chocolate créme with raspberry maringue, chocolate brownie, raspberry sorbet & chocolate crunch

Créme brûlée 95 KR

flavoured with vanilla

Beet Root Pannacotta 105 KR

Beet root pannacotta with goat's cheese bavaroise, spunge cake with browned butter, honey roasted walnuts & beet root crisps  


For larger parties (more than 10 people) we recommend our group menu.

À la Carte is served every day between 5 pm - 10 pm.