á la carte menu

snacks - something small to start with!

Oysters 1 ST 45 KR/3 ST 100 KR

fermented habanero sauce & lime

Flatbread crisps 75 KR

mango chutney, chili, lime & coriander

Comté toast 105 KR

grilled sourdough bread, comté and grilled bell pepper

Variables - starters

Okonomiyaki 135 KR 

fermented cabbage, deep fried and pickled shiitake, spring onion, deep fried parsnip,
japanese mayonnaise & okonomiyaki sauce

Tataki 145 KR

made of marinated sirloin, demi-glace crème,
deep fried enoki mushrooms & pickled cucumber

Ceviche 145 KR

made of haddock,lime, watermelon radish & coriander oil

Mini brioche 135 KR / 165 KR 

pulled chicken thigh fillet, chives,
smoked garlic aioli, pickled enoki mushrooms & point cabbage with lime

Fundamental principles - main courses

Butter fried cod loin 305 KR

chantenay carrots, pickled romanesco,
crudité of yellow beets, dill emulsion
& potato purée with roasted cauliflower

Slow cooked chuck eye 305 KR

sautèed carrots, port wine demi-glace,
chimichurri & carrot crème with burned cream

Grilled rib eye 345 KR

balsamico roasted tomatoes, bone marrow jus, roasted garlic emulsion with thyme & deep fried potatoes with Gruyere

Phó with marinated tofu (V)(N) 195 KR

rice noodles, vegetable broth, radish, zucchini, coriander, lime & peanuts


constants - our classics

Cuckoo's Nest Reuben sandwich 185 KR

grilled sourdough bread, long baked beef brisket, cheese, fermented cabbage, pickled cucumber & horse radish crème

Cuckoo's Nest Caesar salad 175 KR

deep-fried chicken breast, bacon, Grana Grattugia, romain salad,
classic Caesar dressing & croutons

Shrimp sandwich (add bleak roe 285 KR) 245 KR

shrimps, rye bread, egg, cucumber,
lemon mayonnaise, tomatoes, red onion & lemon

Double smashed cheese burger 195 KR

grilled brioche bread, chuck, cheddar, frillice lettuce, pickled cucumber, homemade ketchup, mustard & pommes frites


Orange pannacotta 105 KR

sautèed green apple with saffron and white wine, apple reduction, crispy orange cake & salt roasted hazelnuts

Coffee ice cream 95 KR

amaretto & chocolate

Cuckoo's Mess 105 KR

mango jelly, coconut cream, fresh berries & meringues

Crème brûlée 95 KR

flavoured with vanilla

For larger parties (more than 10 people) please contact us!