Cuckoo's Nest Group menus

Group menues

Cuckoo’s Nest Restaurant at Lindholmen offer you group menues for your party at you next visit. The spectacular design invites to exciting and interesting conversations all night long.

Cuckoo's Nest is nominated in several European design awards and recommended by many visitors for it's excellent food and service. We offer several different menues with great varaity.

Vegatarian menu is also avaliable.


These menues are adapted for parties over 10 persons. We require all the guests in the party to order the same menu.
We wish to have your pre order of menu 3 days before arrival.

Menu 1

  • Chef’s choice of 3 course menu, seasonal inspired.
475 kr inc VAT / 424kr excl. VAT

Your choice of menu.

Compose your choice of 3-course menu for your party based on dishes below.

Remember to pick the same choice of food for the whole party!


  • Green asparagus served with trout roe, horse radish crème, roasted rye bread, kohlrabbi, sea buckthorn vinaigrette & cress 
  • Tataki made of sirloin served with glass noodles, radish, spring onions, coriander, soy mayonnaise and hazel nuts

Main course

  • Baked cod loin served with luke warm primeur salad, herb beurre blanc, new potatoes tossed in dill & carrot crisps
  • Grilled flank steak served with broccolini, carrots, pickled onions, roasted garlic jus & potato purée  


  • Lemon curd with marinated rhubarbs, spunge cake, meringue & home made vanilla ice cream
  • Milk chocolate ganasch with marinated sea buckthorns, roasted white chocolate & sea buckthorn sorbet

515kr incl.VAT/ 460kr excl.VAT

Cocktails & drinks

Sparkling wine 89 kr/glass

Champagne 130 kr/glass

Seasonal  drink 112r

Accompanied wines 285kr

Digestif 88kr/4cl

Coffee 30kr