á la carte menu

Bring your family, friends and colleagues to enjoy great food and innovative cocktails! 

Welcome to us at Cuckoo's Nest!


Something small before dinner

Oysters  1 st 35 KR / 3 st 100 KR

apple & dill oil

Potato crouqetes (V)  3 st 65 KR / 6 st 125 KR

Grana Grattugia & lemon mayonnaise

Butter-fried toast (V) 95 KR

filled with chanterelles créme & Grana Grattugia



Our variables are starters which varies by season

Chanterelle soup 155 KR 

pickled chanterelles, smetana, herb oil, root vegetables & dried rye bread

Steak tartar 155 KR / 275 KR

made of ponzu marinated veal top side, pomegranate, sesame seeds, shallot, deep mushrooms & wasabi mayonnaise

Deep-fried scallops 145 KR

panko, herb salad, pickled fennel, aioli with lime & dill 

Soft bun 135 KR / 165 KR

brisket, hoisin sauce, pineapple salsa, kimchi, sesame seeds, coriander & red jalapeño mayonnaise

Fundamental principles

Our main courses which vary by season

Butter-fried hake 285 KR

apple, deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke, parsley root purée, herb oil & buttered mussel sauce

Grilled shoulder tender 295 KR

mushroom ragout, leek, pumpkin crème, bone marrow sauce & deep-fried kale

Grilled sirloin 325 KR

butter with fermented garlic, pommes alumettes & grilled lemon

Pumpkin risotto (V) (N) 185 KR

pickled pumpkin, roasted hazelnuts, deep-fried kale, Grana Grattugia & deep-fried sweet corn



Our classics which you will always find on our menu

Brisket sandwich 185 KR

grilled sourdough bread, brisket, pickled red cabbage, sautéed onion, Grana Grattugia & truffle mayonnaise

Cuckoo's Nest Caesar salad 175 KR

deep-fried chicken breast, bacon, Grana Grattugia, romain salad, classic Caesar dressing & croutons

Shrimp sandwich (add bleak roe 285 KR) 245 KR

shrimps, rye bread, egg, cucumber,
lemon mayonnaise, tomatoes, pickled red onion & lemon

Hamburger 195 KR

grilled brioche bread, beef, cheddar, caramelized onion, romaine salad, red jalapeño mayonnaise & pommes frites



Obvious conclusions after a good meal - desserts & sweets!

Sautéed apple 105 KR

coconut crème, caramelized buckwheat with honey, port wine glaze with cinnamon, anise & green caraway

Blueberry ice cream 105 KR

chamomile, almond crisp, dried blueberries, sponge cake & blackberries

Variation of ice cream 95 KR

vanilla, chocolate, blueberry & roasted chocolate

Crème brûlée 95 KR

flavoured with vanilla

For larger parties (more than 10 people) please contact us!