á la carte menu

snacks - something small to start with!

Oysters 1 ST 35 KR/3 ST 100 KR

winter apple & dill oil

Bleak roe snacks 145 KR

potato crisps, bleak roe, chives, red onion & smetana

Avocado toast 95 KR

hummus, alfalfa sprouts, lemon & chili roasted sesame seeds 

Variables - starters

Jerusalem artichoke soup 155 KR 

baked Jerusalem artichoke, deep-fried capers,
Jerusalem artichoke crisps & chive oil

Steak tartar 155 KR / 275 KR

made of ponzu marinated veal top side, pomegranate, soy marinated egg yolk, sesame seeds, shallot, deep mushrooms & wasabi mayonnaise

Deep-fried scallops 145 KR

panko, herb salad, pickled fennel, aioli with lime & dill

Fundamental principles - main courses

Butter-fried skrei 305 KR

mushrooms, trout roe, leek, bacon, mussel sauce & potato purée

Bouillabaisse 285 KR

haddock, shrimps, mussels, baked fennel, potatoes & aioli

Grilled sirloin 325 KR

grilled point cabbage, deep-fried potatoes with herb & parmesan, 
butter with fermented garlic

Ramen (V) 185 KR

smoked tofu, pickled shiitake, 63-degree egg, bean sprouts, noodles, pak choi, spring onion, sesame seeds, roasted garlic oil & vegetarian broth


constants - our classics

Brisket sandwich 185 KR

grilled sourdough bread, brisket, pickled red cabbage, sautéed onion, Grana Grattugia & truffle mayonnaise

Cuckoo's Nest Caesar salad 175 KR

deep-fried chicken breast, bacon, Grana Grattugia, romain salad,
classic Caesar dressing & croutons

Shrimp sandwich (add bleak roe 285 KR) 245 KR

shrimps, rye bread, egg, cucumber,
lemon mayonnaise, tomatoes, red onion & lemon

Hamburger 195 KR

grilled brioche bread, beef, Vaddö cheddar, frillice lettuce, tomato,
silver onion, hamburger dressing & pommes frites


Sautéed apple 105 KR

coconut crème, caramelized buckwheat with honey, port wine glaze with cinnamon, anise & green caraway

Blueberry ice cream 105 KR

chamomile, almond crisp, dried blueberries, sponge cake & blackberries

Crème brûlée 95 KR

flavoured with vanilla

For larger parties (more than 10 people) please contact us!