Cuckoo's Nest á la carte menu

we are open! 

Our a la carte menu influenced by the Swedish winter is available! 

Opening hours - restaurant: 
Monday-Saturday kl. 17.00-20.00 

Opening hours - bar:
Monday-Thursday kl. 17.00-20.00
Friday kl. 15.00-22.00 (after work kl. 15.00-19.00)
Saturday kl. 17.00-20.00
Sunday CLOSED 

Welcome to us at Cuckoo's Nest!



Our variables are starters which varies by season

Bleak roe 185 KR 

Hash rowns with bleak roe, smetana, chives, pickled red onion & crispy buckwheat

Cauliflower soup 135 KR

with roasted cauliflower, truffle, herb oil & potato crisps

Steak tartar 155 KR

made of sirloin with yellow beets, shallots, enoki mushrooms, hazelnuts,
sesame seeds, sesame-& mayonnaise 

Cheese & charcuteries 145 KR

served with olives, goose berry marmalade &
crisp bread

Fundamental principles

Our main courses which vary by season

Butter fried skrei cod 295 KR

with baked point cabbage, trout roe, salt roasted almonds, chives,
mussel foam & Jerusalem artichoke purée

Grilled rib eye 315 KR

semi-dried tomatoes, deep fried shallots, port wine jus, tarragon butter & steak fries

Boeuf Bourguignon 295 KR

long baked chuck, pork belly, mushrooms, pickled onion, red wine jus, parsley butter & potato purée

Spring rolls 195 KR

stuffed with lentils & soy mince served with wild rice salad &
sweet and sour sauce



Our classics which you will always find on our menu

Caesar salad 175 KR

grilled chicken breast, bacon, Grana Grattugia, classic Caesar dressing & croutons

Shrimp sandwich (add bleak roe 285 KR) 245 KR

shrimps, rye bread, egg, cucumber,
lemon mayonnaise, tomatoes, red onion & lemon

Umami truffle burger 195 KR

brioche, cheddar, pickled silver onion, soy pickled mushrooms, caramelized onion, truffle mayonnaise with herbs & pommes frites



Obvious conclusions after a good meal - desserts & sweets!

Almond tarte 110 KR

sea buckthorn, roasted almonds, lemon thyme, browned butter powder & carrot sorbet 

Cherries 110 KR

White chocolate mousse, pickled cherries, dulce de leche, cookie crumbles & cherry sorbet

Variation of ice cream 95 KR

vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, raspberry sorbet & oat crumbles

Crème brûlée 95 KR

flavoured with vanilla

For larger parties (more than 10 people) please contact us!